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Please read the guidelines carefully as it sets out how and why Quality Council of India ('QCI') uses your personal information when you register for online assessment for digital readiness. If you have any questions or concerns about the guidelines, please ‘Contact Us’ or 'Raise the Ticket’.


  • This is an online assessment tool. Beware of scammers who ask for additional money to attend this test.

  • Total number of questions: 21

  • Time allotted: 60 minutes (1 hour)

  • DO NOT refresh the page.

  • All the best!


Welcome to the Quality Council of India and thank you for taking the initiative in registering with us and participating in the assessment process!
The following guidelines as well as the disclaimer (“terms”) provide the entity that is represented by an individual with clear instructions on the registration and the assessment process. Please read carefully, accept and adhere to these terms while accessing the registration form & registering for the assessment tool and participating in the assessment process:

  1. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria of legal requirements and are competent to enter into this agreement and not disqualified by any applicable law due to bankruptcy, person of unsound mind, etc. Ensure that you are of the age of 18 years or above thus eligible to undertake the assessment. The term assessment mentioned in the DigiReady framework will be proctored with a mechanism in place to verify responses related to the questions.
  2. This exercise is to assess your preparedness for being Digitally Ready. QCI is in no way assessing your ability to do business and/or guarantees any additional business.
  3. Any applicant found to have provided the false, misleading, or fraudulent information during the registration process will be subject to legal action as per the applicable laws and regulations, which may include but is not limited to civil and criminal proceedings against the individual or sponsoring entity responsible for fake registration or impersonation and cancellation of the registration. QCI reserves the right to share information about fake registration or impersonation with law enforcement agencies, regulatory authorities and other relevant parties as necessary to take appropriate legal action.
  4. The applicant will be prompted to create a username and password for accessing the assessment tool and the applicant needs to keep this information confidential and not to share the same with anyone.
  5. It is the applicant’s responsibility to maintain the security of their username and password. QCI is not responsible for any unauthorized access to the applicant’s account resulting from the improper use or sharing of login credentials.
  6. The assessment will start as soon as the authorised representative of the entity clicks on the ‘Submit’ button after registration.
  7. QCI may verify the information provided during registration to ensure accuracy and compliance with eligibility criteria. The applicant may be required to provide supporting documents or evidence as part of the verification process.
  8. Failure to cooperate with the verification process or providing false or misleading information may result in disqualification from the assessment process and may be subject to legal action as per applicable laws.
  9. Applicants will be required to provide their name, e-mail address, mobile number, and additional details as required in the tool. By submitting their details and participating in the assessment, applicants give consent to the QCI to use their personal and business information as required to facilitate the conduct of the assessment, which may include processing of the information for legitimate purpose, name on the e-certificate etc.
  10. The applicants are responsible for maintaining the integrity of assessment. Any form of violation of assessment rules including Disclaimer may result in disqualification and further action.
  11. While attempting the assessment, the applicant must ensure good internet connection bandwidth to avoid dis-connection or disruption. In case of dis-connection or disruption, the applicant would be required to undertake a new attempt, which will be included within the limit of three attempts.
  12. Applicants that have responded confirming the requirements for each 'vital' question, shall be granted an e-certificate for their entity being digitally ready. The name of entity, will be mentioned on the e-certificate. The e-certificate is non-transferable and any significant changes in the details mentioned on e-certificate needs to be reported to QCI within seven days of such change.
  13. The tool provides a total of 3 attempts for DigiReady assessment by paying a fee of Rs. 500 to QCI. All the three attempts will be available in an interval of 8 hours that needs to be completed within 10 days from the date of first assessment. After exhaustion of 3 attempts, any further per attempt will be charged Rs. 500/-
  14. The tool or the platform or QCI will not be responsible for entries that are lost, are late, incomplete or have not been transmitted due to computer error or connectivity or technical glitch or any other error beyond its control. Please note that proof of submission of the assessment results is not a proof of receipt of the same.
  15. QCI reserves the right to amend the guidelines of the assessment tool at any time as considered necessary and revised guidelines shall be applicable at the time of taking assessment thereafter.
  16. QCI is committed to maintaining your trust, and QCI wants you to understand that QCI will not share your personal/confidential information with anyone else unless it is required for a legitimate purpose. Please keep the following handy (digital copy) while registering on assessment tool:
    1. Related to business entity - Any one document like GST Certificate/ Udyam number/Others (In a case QCI representative is part of the process);
    2. Identity Proof of the Applicant - Any one document like Aadhar Card/ PAN Card;
    3. Contact details of the Applicant - Mobile number and email id.
    4. Ability of electronic devices (smart phone, laptop etc.) to take clear pictures and upload on the tool.
  17. The applicants shall abide by all the terms and conditions of the assessment, including any amendments or further updates.
  18. Certain questions are a must for applicants to demonstrate digital readiness. In case of response(s) that doesn’t meet the stated requirement, the assessment would send out an auto generated email declaring the results and would be counted as an attempt. In such cases, the applicant may organise himself/herself and re-attempt the assessment as detailed in point no. 13.
  19. The tool's decision on the assessment shall be final and binding and no correspondence will be entertained regarding the same. In the event of a applicant being unsuccessful, the applicant needs to build his/her capacity for successful completion of the assessment. applicants reattempting the assessment tool may first access the digiready[dot]qcin[dot]org capacity building tab for a better understanding of their digital readiness.
  20. The successful entities (DigiReady) entities will be listed in the database of this portal. The DigiReady entities will have the following options:
    1. They can choose to make their contact details visible in the database available to the Seller Application, enabling these Seller Applications to contact the sellers for onboarding purposes.
    2. They can decide to opt out from the process, ensuring that no Seller Applications contact them. This option allows them to maintain their privacy even after obtaining DigiReady certification.
  21. Information about applicants who are not DigiReady will be retained in the database for the purpose of capacity building; if any applicant wishes to opt out of the same, they can send a request to QCI at digiready[dot]qcin[dot]org.