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About Digital Readiness Assessment

This assessment is being organized to assess digital readiness of entities. Online assessment tool for Digital Readiness is a digital platform developed by Quality Council of India (QCI) so that entities can evaluate the ease with which they can integrate to the ONDC network, using software and other technologies. It consists of 7 modules that are required to be self-assessed by the entities.

The eventual goal is to streamline the way business is done by the entity so that the customers are serviced by such entities on the ONDC Network. Furthermore, it aims to inform entities about the key digital skills required to accelerate their digital transformation in a manner to fully leverage the opportunities offered by digital technologies.

ONDC is an initiative aimed at promoting open networks for all aspects of exchange of goods and services over digital or electronic networks. It recognises the unique opportunity to increase e-retail penetration in the country by enabling population-scale inclusion of all types and sizes of sellers.

On scoring correctly on all vital questions, participants will be awarded an e-certificate recognising their entity as DigiReady to onboard one of the network seller partners. Entities attempting any questions incorrectly would be directed to a hand-holding tool so that they upskill themselves on the relevant module for correctly attempting the questions.

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Our Digital Readiness Assessment looks at the 7 key dimensions of Digital Transformation

Digital Infrastructure
Product Catalogue
Catalogue Management
Grievance redressal

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